Chappy was the beloved grandfather of owner Dave

ChapChappy1py’s life was filled with many great adventures. He threw fabulous parties, drove fancy Rolls Royces, and was loved by all who met him. If you ever came across the eccentric Abdul Raja, then you’ve met our dear friend Chappy! This name was given to him by a sheik – that’s a good story if you’ve ever heard it. Chappy was all about good times and good friends. We’re happy to capture his spirit and share it with you. Please enjoy your time here!

Thank you!



Chappy was a generous man, always there for a friend in need. When two best buddies needed a lift, good ‘ol Chappy decides to dress and act like a chauffeur – for fun.

Meanwhile at a swank hotel, a sheik was waiting for his real chauffeur to arrive. When Chappy pulled up with his friends, history was made. Chappy was more than happy to take another customer – and from then on he drove the sheik whenever he came to town. And in return, was given two beautiful Rolls Royces.

Chappy got quite thChappy3e fright when the phone rang at 2 am one balmy summer night at the Lake Delton resort. He was used to all sorts of requested from his visitors but this one gave him the creeps, at least when he met the culprit.

The couple in Lodge 232 had called. “Chappy? So sorry… We’re hearing strange noises. Can you come quickly?”

Well, it wasn’t a ghost or a monster or a prank – it was Miss Harriet “Pinky” Swigglebottom. Caught in a net in the attic, this perky squirrel was rescued and became Chappy’s close companion for many years.

Chappy’s first job as a young boy was paper route. The whole neighborhood loved to see young Chappy coming Chappy4‘round on his bike with the news.
One Sunday morning, Chappy was hurling the extra large newspaper onto a porch of a new neighbor, when he heard a voice. “Whoa boy! Where’d you learn to throw like that?” Chappy looked up and saw a man in a baseball jersey talking to him. It turned out this man was one of the biggest agents in baseball and he quickly recruited Chappy as a pitcher!

Chappy5Fill ‘er up Chap! It was just a normal day at Chappy’s Filling Station back in the summer of 1953. That was until an unfamiliar red Chevy pulled into the lot.

Choppy went out to pump the gas and welcome the visitors when he noticed what appeared to be about 2 million dollars worth of gold bars in the back seat. Quick thinking saved the day. Chappy managed to distract the thieves and quickly switch out the bags of gold with sacks of flour.

We can only wonder what the thieves thought when they finally checked their loot!

Chappy6Back in the summer of 1935, Chappy knew he was ready to pop that all important question. Sweet Helen was the love of his life and he had finally bought her the perfect ring. Chappy took Helen out for a night on the town. He had the ring hidden away in his pocket, but as luck would have it, ol’ Chappy decided to change his coat and left the ring at home! But, no worries Chappy Still proposed – with a napkin ring!

Back in the summer of 1949, Chappy was spending a weekend at his resort on Lake Delton up in beautiful Wisconsin. It was a perfect day for fishing so Chappy and his lovely wife, Helen, decided to take the boat out.Chappy7

Don’t worry, old Hank got his revenge, when Chappy and Helen had just about reached shore with their catch, old Hank leapt out of the net, opened his large mouth and bit off Chappy’s watch in one swallow on his way into the lake. No one ever caught old Hank again, he’s still keeping time somewhere in Lake Delton.

Well, after being on the water for a short time, Helen hooked a big one – it took both Helen and Chappy to reel in the 35 pound largemouth bass. When they finally got old Hank in the boat, Helen’s thoughts were on what marinade she was going to cook the poor sucker in.